Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Just like a kid in a sweet shop

Sherbet dipper, curly wurly, push pop, gob stoppers ... all of those lovely memories under one roof! I cannot even begin to explain how amazing it feels to walk into Fizziwiggs (Meeting Lane, South Lanes) - every wall is lined with treats; with jars of sweets to suck on, to chew, to eat and to dip. This is the stuff kids (and myself - anyone else?) dream of, and what better time to visit, than just before those New Year Resolutions kick in.

I visited Brighton's best old fashioned-sweet shop for the (ahhhhmth!) time and was lucky enough to meet with Nick, the owner who was kind enough to answer some questions.

Laura: I imagine that kids love this shop. What's the average age of people coming in?

Nick: We serve everybody from 3 up to 100. There's no specific age group at all - the younger ones like to come in to eat sweets and the older ones for the memories.

Laura: And what's the most popular sweet?

Nick: Rubarb and Custard definitely.

Laura: Do you think sweets are going to change in the future?

Nick: Not at all. They'll always be the same. Perhaps they'll change shape, but the taste will stick - that's what people like.

Laura: If you could recommend that I try 3 sweets in the shop, which would they be?

Nick: (looks around the enormous selection, bewildered) Toffee crunch, strawberry bon bons, orange sherbets and coconut marshmallows (sounded more like 4 than 3 to me, but with such a selection was a tricky one!)

I chose a bag of sour plooms - Nick put about 20 in a bag for me and wouldn't take a penny for them (something to do with the thanking me for writing the blog). Now, I wonder if I now go to interview my favourite pub landlord, would 20 glasses of wine equate to the same number of sour plooms I wonder!

Thanks for reading this blog post, I'm off to cram in some sweets before the New Year diet begins ...

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